• Felkvir

    Safe to say, you won't get anywhere if you have no idea what's going on. Wether you are a commander/Logistics Officer or just a marine who got access to a communications console.. If you just reply with "halp aliums r attecking need hlp pls" you're going to be sorted through spam filters IC'ly and be ignored. 

    What is the situational standing of the operation? Current active personnel? Casulties and integrity of main force? etc ... Get the information relevant to what you're contacting them about and sort it to the report you're filing.

    If you take the effort to make your report look nice and orderly (if you have time) before filing it to CC/WY it will be much better noticed, traced and most likely responded to. If you manage this you can ke…

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  • Sargeantmuffinman

    A combat medic is someone who fights in the battle while also treating wounds.(AKA saving someones ass while kicking ass)

    First you need to be a medic which is very obvious.Take the medkits and equipment that you would need:

    • Medkit
    • Toxin
    • Advanced
    • Oxygen
    • Quick-clot
    • Health HUD
    • Surgery kit (If you know what to do)
    • Defibrillator
    • Stasis bag

    Be VERY careful becasue everyone might think you are a surgon aswell (with the surgery kit you can be one)

    Next you need atleast 3 ranged weapons cause if you lose one you got 2 more due to aliens pouncing on you(also good if another person loses his/her weapon):

    • Pistol
    • Your weapon of choice
    • Your weapon of choice

    Have your entire team prioriitze you as a VIP casue you could be the only medic in your squad AND the only perso…

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  • Outordinary

    First of all, let me start this by saying I am in no way a master at playing alien. I know quite a few tricks and tips that I hardly see used in game, but with the fast pace of battle people forget sometimes.

    •If you are a starter drone, PLEASE Ahelp if you are just going to go braindead. You are a shitter if you just gimp everyone else by leaving. At least allow someone who wanted to be alien to spawn. AND TURN PREFS OFF IF YOU DON’T WANT ALIEN.

    •As a starter drone, remember there are only survivors who know of your presence on the station. As such, Always go out and spread weeds/break lights. Check the macro page for a nightvision toggle macro. Use that shit to see the way humans see and find any active lights. No weeds=No healing on the g…

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  • Rahlzel

    A Guide on Guides

    March 4, 2015 by Rahlzel

    Interested in making a guide for Colonial Marines?

    Here's the best way to do it:

    1. Create a blog post
      • No one else can edit it - only you.
    2. (Optional) Post the link in our Guides subforum to let other players know.

    Other info:

    • See the Help:Editing guide to find out about the different editors.
    • If you prefer to edit the source, learn about Wikitext - creating links, making bold text, etc.
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