So how do i get noticed?

Gather information 

Safe to say, you won't get anywhere if you have no idea what's going on. Wether you are a commander/Logistics Officer or just a marine who got access to a communications console.. If you just reply with "halp aliums r attecking need hlp pls" you're going to be sorted through spam filters IC'ly and be ignored. 

What is the situational standing of the operation? Current active personnel? Casulties and integrity of main force? etc ... Get the information relevant to what you're contacting them about and sort it to the report you're filing.

Make it short and simple, but comprehensive 

If you take the effort to make your report look nice and orderly (if you have time) before filing it to CC/WY it will be much better noticed, traced and most likely responded to. If you manage this you can keep filing the reports at a steady rate, and continually feeding them information which is more likely to get you help should anything more serious occur during the operation. Keep in mind they're more likely to just lose interest and ignore you if you stop for a long while and not follow up with anything if lots of things occurred while you were gone. If there are issues with discipline and command of the marines this should be sorted before you do anything.

The important thing to remember here is that as the marines stand, they're an extension of the company's assets. But they are valuable assets (in most cases... Heh). As a commander, don't assume that CC/WY is indebted to the USCMC and it's chain of command, and showing this will make it even harder to work with them.