First of all, let me start this by saying I am in no way a master at playing alien. I know quite a few tricks and tips that I hardly see used in game, but with the fast pace of battle people forget sometimes.

Drone tips

•If you are a starter drone, PLEASE Ahelp if you are just going to go braindead. You are a shitter if you just gimp everyone else by leaving. At least allow someone who wanted to be alien to spawn. AND TURN PREFS OFF IF YOU DON’T WANT ALIEN.

•As a starter drone, remember there are only survivors who know of your presence on the station. As such, Always go out and spread weeds/break lights. Check the macro page for a nightvision toggle macro. Use that shit to see the way humans see and find any active lights. No weeds=No healing on the go, No broken lights=You won’t know if they can see you when you have nightvision on.

•If you are sure you placed weeds in every ounce of the station, help the queen with plasma. More eggs/More Jelly = More power.

Runner/Warrior tips

•I don’t give a shit what you do, carry two facehuggers. Having the power to incapacitate someone is underestimated. Can drop them when running from marines, can take a lone marine out, can give them to carriers if they start to run low, overall great to have.

•Your pounce can take someone down, but remember YOU can’t move also. As such if there is a group of marines and you aren’t too sure of yourself, take a buddy with you to move around and divert their attention.

•Warriors don’t know how robust they are, stealth when they walk and speed when they run, pouncing that can drop soldiers unless they get lucky with riot shield, slash attacks that can down armored soldiers in 5-6 hits, tackle that can bring you equal to marine tactics. Try to use all of this to your advantage. Get the queen to allow you kill privledges in order to kill people with bio hoods, xeno prods or riot shields.