What is a combat medic?

A combat medic is someone who fights in the battle while also treating wounds.(AKA saving someones ass while kicking ass)

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How do I become a combay medic?

First you need to be a medic which is very obvious.Take the medkits and equipment that you would need:

  • Medkit
  • Toxin
  • Advanced
  • Oxygen
  • Quick-clot
  • Health HUD
  • Surgery kit (If you know what to do)
  • Defibrillator
  • Stasis bag

Be VERY careful becasue everyone might think you are a surgon aswell (with the surgery kit you can be one)

Next you need atleast 3 ranged weapons cause if you lose one you got 2 more due to aliens pouncing on you(also good if another person loses his/her weapon):

  • Pistol
  • Your weapon of choice
  • Your weapon of choice

Have your entire team prioriitze you as a VIP casue you could be the only medic in your squad AND the only person that can save them from death.

If you have no idea how to do surgery then don't do any.Here is a guide on how to do surgery:Surgery guide


Oh no a marine has been infected by a facehugger WHAT DO I DO?

  1. First things first check your suroundings if any alien is in sight(casue you could be the NEXT victim)
  2. Grab the person and put him in a stasis bag (if you don't have one grab him and drag him along *use the grab intent AND DON'T PULL HIM)
  3. (YOU MUST WITNESS THIS BEFORE DOING IT) Go to the Sulaco and try to get him to the medbay so the Doctors can deal with him/her.(And if there is no doctor get someone who has experience to do it)

Stranded in the middle of hell with no way out and you and your buddy bleeding out internaly.

Thats why you need the stasis bag to pervent bleed outs and him/her complaining that you couldn't do anything to save him/her.

Someone died right in front of you?

Use your defibrillators to revive him (but you might want to fix him/her up before doing it casue the marine could just die again).

Congradulations on learning the basics of combat medicine

I'm pretty sure there are more better guides out there but I guess this is okay for now.

(You could also use quick clot but you need to know where the bleeding is to stop it.)